A Pen and a Picture


Yesterday I made the decision to pick up a pen and draw a picture for the first time in a long time. I felt like I’d been so overwhelmed with mounds of school work these past few weeks that I did not had the time to unleash my creative flow.

First, I chose a photo from the internet for inspiration before I began to draw. I started in pencil – with the outline of the face and a little squiggle here and there. Then I moved on using pen and let my hand flow with the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the hair.

When I draw, I feel so secluded from the outside – like I’m surrounded by my own little bubble. I love the feeling when the pen glides across the paper, so free and elegant. And when I finally finish the artwork, it’s like I’ve accomplished something special!

Here are some pics of what I drew. (Credits to the original artist who came up with the idea for this artwork)

I also posted a photo up on my art instagram, follow me if you like! @jessicaaart 

I introduce to you, ‘Princess Aea’ (I like the name!)


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