What to do when you’re bored…

Shout out to all you people who love making lists…like me! 

Once you get to know me, you’d probably start to realise my crazy obsession with lists… All lists, in all shapes, sizes and forms always seem to fascinate me and I’m not quite sure why. I feel like if my life was written down on paper, it would just be a bunch of lists, lists and more lists…I use them for things I want to buy, things to do, what to wear or cook…

But here today is something special I’ve been working on that might help you kill some time or even add a little excitement to your day. Whether it’d be during your phase of procrastination from that English assignment or when your favourite TV show is on a break and you have nothing to do…here is a list of things to do when you’re bored!

  1. Write a list of things to do when you’re bored (my personal favourite)
  2. Grab some rocks from your backyard, some paint and sharpies and draw funky designs.
  3. Write a song about the closest object to your left
  4. Write a nice poem and send it to a random number
  5. Turn yourself into a panda using makeup
  6. Learn to introduce yourself in multiple different languages
  7. Sew mini outfits for an old Barbie doll
  8. Make up your own language
  9. Make rainbow cupcakes
  10. Try to sing at the highest pitch you can reach
  11. Mail an anonymous letter to your best friend (don’t let them know it’s you!)
  12. Meditate
  13. Write a short story about your biggest fear
  14. Invent a dish using five ingredients in your pantry (make sure it’s edible…)
  15. Host a puppet show
  16. Try to find Narnia!
  17. Try some intricate nail art
  18. Treat yourself to a pamper session with a nice hot bath
  19. Find objects in your house beginning with every letter of the alphabet
  20. Fill up a jar with origami paper cranes
  21. Write a speech to persuade people to elect you as Prime Minister/President.

So there you have it – The first 20 things I could think of that anyone can do at essentially any time when you’re bored out of your mind! I hope you found this interesting and that you might want to try some… Let me know if you can think of some more.. I’d love to hear from you! 😀 xx

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