Goodbye Autumn!


marks the very first day of WINTER!

Wow, it startles me how quickly the year passes and already a new season is beginning. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was waiting for the New Year’s Eve fireworks, so eager and excited for a fresh start. And now it has officially become the halfway mark of twenty fifteen!

This afternoon I thought I might say my last goodbyes to Autumn and welcome a new cold month by strolling through my backyard and admiring nature through a lens. I was so surprised at how much the weather had changed in a couple of days. The leaves on the trees had changed colour to a bright green, and the ground was piled with twigs and leaves.

I’m so excited for Winter — for hot chocolates in front of the heater, snuggling up under a mountain of blankets, and for pretending I’m a dragon, breathing smoke from my mouth on chilly mornings!

Under the crystal clear blue sky and a sinking sun today, I captured some pictures of some things I found interesting. I even attempted to make a mini photoshoot with my dog Candy, who had to be bribed by treats to cooperate.

Here are some photos I took earlier this month…



And some pics I took today…


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