How to Get Organsied! – 5 Tips and DIYs to organise your life

Hey you!

Today I have decided to share with you some of the ways I like to organise my things (as you might already know, I love my things efficient and tidy!).

organise life collage

Organising is a great way to keep yourself on time and away from messy situations. It’s also something that makes me feel like I have more in control over my life when I feel overwhelmed with things I have to do!


Here are 5 few tips and little things that I’ve learned to do to keep my life organised. I hope you might find some useful!

1. My first little tip is to keep a little tray of post-it notes and stickies somewhere easily accessible on your desk. That way, when something important pops up, you can quickly write it down and stick it on the wall. I also use these for bookmarking important pages in my school books or writing reminders in my diary. For my tray, I used an old Fererro Rocher lid (yes I love eating Fererro Rochers and collecting the containters!)

DSC00999 DSC01001

(By the way, how adorable are my little stickies!? I got a whole pack from Kmart Australia for only $2!)

2. Keep a diary/planner! I only just bought mine last week and I’m obsessed with it (I know, I know, it’s already halfway through the year). But it’s definitely not too take to purchase yourself a diary – it’s a great time actually, because most of the pretty ones are on sale. Mine was only $5 from Kikki.k.

I bring my diary everywhere I go – to school and on weekends. Whenever something comes up like an assignment or homework, I write it down straight away so I don’t forget it. I also write down any random ideas I get during the day and other little reminders. You can also decorate your diary with stickers and washi tape to fancy it up! Because I’m one of those people who doodle when they’re bored, sometimes I pick a page from this past year and draw. Basically my diary is an art book and planner in one, wooo!


3. Make mini bookmarks using washi tape and paperclips. You can also label them and use them anywhere: in a novel you’re reading, your diary, a textbook… I love this because it’s so easy to make and is super adorable.


4. Now, here’s another project using washi tape and that’s to label your cables and chargers. My iphone and ipad cable always seem to get mixed up and my devices never charge if the cables are wrong! Simply cut a piece of washi tape, label it and whack it onto the cable, simple. 😀


5. One last thing to organise other cables that you aren’t using is to put them inside empty toilet rolls. This has literally saved my life as it keeps everything so neat and clean. I decorated mine quite plainly, but feel free to go crazy with the washi tape and decorations! Also remember to label each one to save you time from going through them all to find things.


Well, that’s all for today folks! I hope some of these tips may have inspired you to start organsing. Remember, it’s never too late to start! 😀

Have a lovely day xx

10 thoughts on “How to Get Organsied! – 5 Tips and DIYs to organise your life

  1. Love your organizing ideas (especially the post it notes)! I can’t live without my post it notes…I would probably forget everything if I didn’t have them…hahaha :).

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my first blog post 🙂

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