Feeling Artsy… How to be inspired to create!

Hey everyone! 

Have you ever wondered what motivates you to do the things you love? What makes you want to wear that outfit, or the why you want to eat that particular meal? Inspiration lies everywhere, hidden between the endless infinities of both the virtual and real life. Sometimes it’s hard to be inspired to do something new when you are restricted to the same routines and sceneries of your everyday. I personally believe that in order to truly have open minded-ness and motivation is to go somewhere new, travel to the unknown, or escape into something other than reality – at least for a little while.

Yesterday, I visited the city and was inspired by all the lovely sounds, sceneries and people. When you start to observe the beauty of people and things, you become appreciative of your surroundings. There was a very nice man who sat on the side of a busy street with a stash of basic ballpoint pens and a very long strip of paper beside him. When I visited him last time, which was two weeks ago, he was halfway through an intricate artwork that consisted of trees and marching soldiers. Yesterday, he had already finished the entire drawing, and it truly inspired me that he made it using only pens! Goes to show, you can create anything out of anything!

Other ways you can be inspired can include:

– Taking a walk around the neighbourhood: listen to the sounds around you, feel the air gliding past as you swing your arms. I find this such a calming way to clear and focus my mind!

– Sitting in your backyard/balcony and watching the sky: I love watching the clouds move past, or that occasional bird or plane…

– Reading an autobiography: there are so many talented and inspiring people out there!

– Watching the sunrise or sunset: a simply beautiful thing to see.

– Using Pinterest: this is pretty much the online home of inspiration, where you can find almost anything to get you motivated, from books and writing, to exercise, art and travel. It has probably got to be one of my most used apps on my phone!

– Learning about people’s lives and their past: so many of us have different stories to tell – we’ve all been through different experiences and different hardships. Taking a chance to really listen could really change your outlook on things.

– Visiting an art gallery or museum: take a look at other people’s work and interpret it in your own way!

Anyway, yesterday I was inspired to pick up a pen and begin drawing again. Art is one of my favourite hobbies and I’m starting to become very invested in freehand drawings, where there are no limits or rules in what to do! I thought I might show you something I began working on, just because. I’m not finished yet, but here’s what I’ve got so far…


 DSC01069 DSC01070 DSC01072

That’s all for today,

I hope some of these tips may have helped or even inspired you to get inspired!


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