Make Your Own Cute Stationery! – Free Printables and DIY Tutorial

Yes it’s time for another free printable!

Are you tired of your boring old stationery – the plain old pens and notebooks you buy for school that have no interesting pattern whatsoever? Well you have come to the right place!

diy stationary collage

Okay, lately I’ve been obsessing over adorable stationery, especially like the ones at Kikki.k and Typo. I am really into the patterns they have on their pens and notebooks, and they inspired me to make my own! So here it is – today I made you guys two different printable designs: cherries or apples (I thought they were both super cute). It was really fun drawing them and I thought they would look great on my new stationery.

Today I transformed two of my plain black pencils, a spare pen, a rubber and a notebook! I’m quite happy how they turned out, but I’d definitely give it another go now that I know exactly how I want to do it.

Now down to the real business… download the free printables HERE!

This is what my designs look like:

IMG_2407 IMG_2409

Keep in mind, you can also use these designs as wallpapers for phones or laptops too – they’re free for personal use!

Let’s begin!


What you will need:

– An Apples/Cherries printable that you can get HERE

– Fat transperent sticky tape

– Any kind of stationery (e.g. pens, pencils, notebooks, rubbers)

– Scissors

– Thinner transperent sticky tape

(I decided not to use the glue that you can see in the picture!)


1. Grab the fat tape and stick it onto the printables. Cover the ENTIRE sheet in a layer of tape. This is so that your stationery will be waterproof and has a glossy touch.


2. Cut out the printable to the size you would like, so that it will fit your stationery.IMG_9196

If you’re making a pen/pencil/rubber:

3. Put a long strip of thinner tape along one edge of the printable and stick it down onto the pen/pencil/rubber.


4. Roll the printable across pen/pencil then stick it down with another long strip of thinner tape.

IMG_9208IMG_9210To Make the Notebook:

5. Use tape to stick the edges down inside the coverIMG_9213IMG_9211


That’s it for today!

I hope you found this useful and decide to make some of your very own stationery – if you do, don’t forget to tell me how it goes. If you have any questions, let me know. See you in my next post! xx

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