FriDIY! Easy Polaroid Photo Look-Alikes

polaroid photo look alikes

It’s Friday (again) and it’s time for another DIY!

I really like Polaroid cameras. I like how the pictures print instantly and how the effect of the photo turns out somewhat vintage and retro. The films are so cute and mini as well, which I love!

However, unfortunately not all of us own polaroid cameras and the film is also quite expensive! So that is why I thought of the idea of making my own polaroid pictures using some images from my instagram. I’m quite happy with the way they turned out so I thought I might share it with you today. This is such a fun way to keep all your memories, and it’s perfect as room decor or gifts.


DSC01073What you’ll need:

– A computer with internet


– Somewhere to print your photos

– A sharpie


diy polaroid collage

1. Grab the photos you want to print out. I chose a few from my instagram!

2. Next, go onto and click on ‘edit’. Then, open the photo you want to use.

3. Once you have your photo up, find the ‘frames’ button and add in a ‘polaroid frame’. Rotate the image to 0% and ‘fade’ the effect to 100%. Save your image!

4. Print out your photo in ‘Glossy’ with a ‘Border’ at your local photo-print place.

5. Use a sharpie to write captions


There you have it – your very own ‘polaroid’ look alikes that are so cheap and easy to make! If you want, you can even grab some string and pegs to hang them up on your wall, like I did here.


Enjoy! xx

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14 thoughts on “FriDIY! Easy Polaroid Photo Look-Alikes

  1. I plan to include polaroid photos in my journal. Planning to buy a Hello Kitty Instax camera for my birthday. But this idea is awesome as I can just print them out on my photo printer. And save tons of money.

    Thanks for sharing!

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