How to Make the Ultimate Birthday Card! – FREE PRINTABLES and Easy Steps

The Ultimate Bday Card and Envelope

Can you believe it’s already halfway through the week? 

Yes, it’s Wednesday – and Wednesday means it’s time for another freebie!

Tired of the plain old birthday cards you find at the shops with the same boring designs? Well today you can be original with this cute little printable I have put together for you to make the Ultimate Birthday Card!

This printable comes with a card, decorations and an envelope pattern, so all you have to do it print it out and put it together! You can also throw in some money or a gift card to make it extra special.

collage diy card

It’s my friend’s birthday today and instead of simply giving her money and a card, I decided to make it a little more heart felt. Her name is Chanel so I thought it would only be appropriate if I made her a paper ‘Chanel’ purse! I’m so proud of how it turned out and she loved it. You can make one too! It’s so easy to put together and looks like you spend hours on it.

Okay, you can download all the printables right HERE!

Below is a preview of the things that you will find in the printable:

snip1 snip2 snip3 snip4

(Fonts from

Now that that is sorted, let’s begin making!


Things you will need:

– The birthday card printable

– Coloured Textas

– Glue

– Scissors

– Tape

– Some Ribbon or String

– Coloured Tissue Paper

– (Optional) Some extra gifts, like money, gift cards, notes…


To make the ‘purse’ envelope:

1. Cut the grey parts off the Envelope Printable using scissors.


2. Fold the two sides in, along the lines. Put glue on the brown parts I have indicated in this pic below:


3. Fold the bottom up, along the line. This is what it should then look like:


4. Fold the lid down along the line. Then, cut out the ‘Chanel’ logo (or any logo of your choice) and stick it onto the lid.


To make the card:

6. Fold the Card Printable in half 3 times.

IMG_9386 IMG_9387 IMG_9388

7. Cut out all the decorations from the Cut-Outs Printable. You can colour them in with textas if you want.

IMG_9385 IMG_9390

8. Use tape to stick the cut outs onto some ribbon to make mini banners.


9. Open up the card that you folded earlier and decorate it however you like using textas. Then, stick the banners onto the sheet, along with some of the printable balloons. The more cluttered it looks, the better!


10. Cut out some tissue paper into tiny pieces and sprinkle them into the middle of the card.


11. Fold up the card 3 times again to close it.


12. Put the card into the envelope, along with some other small gifts (like money, gift cards, a heartfelt note…)



That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this week’s free printable. Let me know if you decide to make one! 😀

Come back this Friday for another DIY, and next Wednesday for more free printables.

You can also pair this with my other Emergency Survival Gift Idea!

Bye! xx

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