FriDIY – Make a Flower Centerpiece!



It’s that time of the week again – FriDIY! Today’s project is super simple and quick, and is gorgeous as room decor. The idea of a flower centerpiece was inspired by all those creative minds on Pinterest who made beautiful Terrariums and flower vases. Indoor plants have become such an adorable and fun trend, and I thought it was about time I made some to share with you all! All the materials needed are very basic and are easy to get, and it took under 10 minutes make.


These flower centerpieces are perfect for that extra splash of colour in your bedroom, and can also be given as a nice gift! I used fake flowers in mine, so they are certain to last forever (unlike real plants that have to be watered regularly.)


What you will need:

– A round glass cup

– Some sand

– Small rocks

– Small fake or real flowers

– Acrylic paint and a brush (optional)

collage steps


1. Grab all the materials you need!

2. Use acrylic paint to coat your rocks with colour. You don’t have to do this, but I think it looks beautiful in gold.

3. Fill the glass with sand about 1/3 of the way, or until you’re happy with what it looks like.

4. Put a a handful of rocks into the glass.

5. Top it with a small flower!


Wasn’t that so easy?! I love the way they turned out and they look so amazing in my bedroom.

Until next time!

Byee xx

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