Free Printable Gift Bow, Tag and Wrapping with Message!


Lately I’ve becoming really interested in the art of gift-giving and decorating. I think I’ve become somewhat of a pro in gift-wrapping now, and I’ve also been making adorable little cards to go with it. Making handmade gifts and decorating presents requires a bit more effort but it is still loads of fun and really shows how much you care.


Since I’m on school holidays, I I’ve had plenty of time to make things and put in that extra effort! My mum’s birthday is coming up so I thought I might make some printables for today’s post.


Today I designed 2 cute DIY bows, a tag, and gift-wrap. The gift-wrap also has a little poem that I made up, as well. (I’m quite proud of it, if I say so myself). ;D


All you need to make this, is a pair of scissors, tape, a pen and my printable. 

printable bow tag and wrapping

First, cut the printables out, and fold them up so they make a bow. Secure it with tape. Don’t forget to write a name on the gift tag!


Then, wrap your gift and attach the bow and tag.


That’s it!

This literally takes 2 minutes to make and the best part? It’s free!

Make sure when the gift is opened, that the message on the wrapping is still readable. (Don’t rip it up!)



I hope you enjoyed this week’s freebie – come again next week for more.

xx, miss caly

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