Easy DIY Phone Cases!

Yep, you heard it. Today’s Fri-DIY is going to be some easy phone cases!

For a lot of people, phones have become a device that is used almost every single waking hour of the day. For some reason, my phone always ends up somewhere within my reach, even when I’m not using it. Is it just me, or does anyone feel the urge to continuously check their phones, as if it’s a ticking time bomb that needs to be monitored? Sometimes I turn it on to check the time, but as soon as I get it out, I forget what I need to do. Ah!! technology these days…


Anyway, since my phone is something I see almost every day, I like to change its ‘look’ every now and then, just so that it doesn’t get too boring. Sure there are lots of fancy phone cases around at the shops, but I think making one would be more personal to me.


Today I’m going to share with you 3 different phone cases I made over the holidays. They’re super easy and only require a few materials. I hope you like them!

Number 1: The Gold Textured Phone Case

Gold Textured CaseMaterials needed:

– An old phone case (it doesn’t really matter what colour)

– Plastic (I got this from the cover of an old notebook)

– Pencil and scissors

– Any strong glue – I used Epoxy

– Gold spray paint


1. Trace the outline of your phone case shape onto the plastic.

2. Cut out some fun shapes within the outline of your phone case.

3. Apply some glue and stick your shapes onto the case.

4. Get spray painting!

5. Allow your case to dry overnight, and you’re done! How easy was that!? It looks quite fancy too, I must say. 😀

Number 2: The Pastel Dry-Erase Phone Case

Pastel Dry Erase Case

Materials needed:

– Different colours of acrylic paint (make sure you have WHITE)

– A paint brush and palette

– A clear phone case

– Clear, fat tape


1. Mix your acrylic paint colours with white to make pretty pastels. Then, using a paint brush, splotch them all over the INSIDE of the case, one by one.

2. When the paint is dry, stick a strip of the fat tape on to the outside of the case to make a ‘dry-erase board’.

3. You’re done! You can use this little board to write little reminders for yourself such as ‘remember to bring lunch!’ or ‘do the washing.’ 😀 (Don’t forget to use a whiteboard marker, not a permanent marker!)

Number 3: The Custom Patterned Phone Case

Custom Pattern CaseMaterials needed:

– Patterned paper

– Sharpie

– A clear phone case


1. Use the sharpie to draw little patterns on the inside of your case

2. Trace the outline of your case onto the patterned paper and cut it out.

3. Pop the patterned paper into the phone case for display, and voila!

So that’s all for today!

I hope you found these super quick tutorials helpful. Let me know which one’s your favourite and whether you decide to make one 😀

Bye bye!

xx,miss caly

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11 thoughts on “Easy DIY Phone Cases!

  1. Such a great idea! Love your designs too. I will be passing this onto my teen girls- because if they could have a phone case for every outfit, they would be so happy!


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