Cute Animal Printables + Make Your Own Bookmark!

Cute animal printables and bookmark

I’ve been super hyped over these printables I’ve been working on and I finally get to show them to you! One thing to know about me is that I’m a total lover of small and cute things, so today’s freebie is basically the epitome of my life.


Whether you’re a fanatic when it comes to reading or you’re studying from a school text book, a book mark always comes in handy. As a person who enjoys collecting books, I’m constantly in demand of something to mark my pages. The solution? I designed these cute little animals to make my own bookmark!


This free printable comes with 2 sets of 3 animals: an adorable pig, bear and panda. If you like the designs, I’ve also thrown in a page that you can print out, put in a frame and use as wall art.

*Please remember that I designed these, so they are for personal use only*

All you need to make the bookmarks is a pair of scissors, the free printable and a paper-cutting-knife (optional).


Now here’s a quick little tutorial:

Cute animal bookmark printables1. Cut out the little animals on the free printable.

2. Use a paper-cutting-knife or scissors to cut the bottom half of the animal’s face. See the image above for the diagram.

3. Slip it onto a page to use as a book mark!


If you haven’t already, [download the free printable here]

That’s all! How adorable are those animals though?!

Oh and p.s. don’t you think the nose of my pig looks like two eyes and a mouth? I thought about getting rid of the smile on the pig, but it was wayy too cute to resist.

I hope you enjoyed today’s freebie! Let me know if you decide to make these yourself – I’d love to see them.

xx, miss caly

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10 thoughts on “Cute Animal Printables + Make Your Own Bookmark!

  1. Awesome and easy DIY ! Just finished cutting them out of the shapes.

    I would suggest a cardboard type of paper which will make them more sturdy.

    Liked by 1 person

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