It’s Time for FriDIY! – Make a Jewellery Gift Package

DIY jewellery gift pack

Whether you’re buying for a friend’s birthday, anniversary or simply just for fun, jewellery is always an great gift. You can practically find it everywhere and it easily pleases people!

For one of my friend’s birthday coming up, I bought her a beautiful necklace from the markets but it came in plain boring packaging that I didn’t really like. I felt as though the necklace deserved to be gifted nicer and treated with more care. After all, gifts are supposed to be precious, right?


Today’s DIY is a super easy (yet effective) way to gift jewellery. It’s great for making your gift prettier and more sentimental. I think it really adds that extra love! All you need is:

– Piece of jewellery (it can be a bracelet or necklace)

– Black cardboard

– White cardboard

– Scissors

– Double sided tape

– Mini plastic zip lock bag

– A strip of nice scrapbook paper

How to make it:

DIY jewellery gift packaging

Before I begin, let me just point out that my friend is a Harry Potter lover, hence the Phoenix pendant on the necklace. (I didn’t just randomly buy her a random bird necklace for the fun of it). :’D

1. First cut the black cardboard in a square shape to fit the size of the pendant. Then, cut two slits at the top of the cardboard. (See picture above).

2. Slide the jewellery chain into the two slits to hang it on the cardboard.

3. Flip the black cardboard around and use double sided tape to stick on the mini zip lock bag in the center. (just a note: the back of my black cardboard was white in the picture..)

4. Slip the rest of the jewellery chain into the zip lock bag. Then, stick another two pieces of double sided tape on either side of the zip lock bag.

5. Cut out a white piece of cardboard three times the length of the black cardboard. Stick the black cardboard in the middle of the white cardboard. Close the package by folding in the sides of the white cardboard.

6. Cut out a strip of nice scrapbook paper and wrap it around the package to seal it up. Then, finish it off by tying a ribbon!


If you want, you can even print out a little message and stick it onto the black cardboard, under the necklace.


Also, you can cut out a little tag and attach it to the ribbon.


Happy gift-making! See you next time 😀

xx, miss caly

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