Free August Calendar Printables!

IMG_0470-001It’s almost August! Whaaaat?!

This year has gone by way too fast and it only just hit me that it’s already past the halfway mark of 2015! It’s been over two months since I first started blogging (wooo!) and I can’t believe how quickly time’s rushed past.


Where I am, August comes in two days and I’m all set when it comes down to organising and planning. Today’s printable is a little calendar that I made using watercolour paint and sharpies. I even made some cut-out labels to stick on the calendar!


If you’ve been following my instagram, you might have noticed that it look me a bit (okay, a lot) of practice with the watercolour to paint the numbers and words. For some reason, my brushes weren’t being very nice to me and I just wasn’t happy with a lot of the writing. In the end, I settled on writing ‘August’ in capital letters and drawing grid lines to separate the days.

After practicing and playing around with paint, I finally got around to taking photos, editing and printing…. And then I realised that August actually started on Saturday, NOT Sunday (you can see my error in some of my photos). #THESTRUGGLES. Anyway, in the end, after aaaaallll of that, everything turned out okay. I fixed my calendar and made another print. Life went on. And I must admit, I’m quite proud of how it turned out!



Oh well, enough of all that mumble-jumble..

Want to grab my free August calendar printable? Click here! 

Remember, this is for personal use only 🙂

Wishing you a great day and an amazing month to come. See you next time!

xx, miss caly

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