Ten Minutes-To-Make-Monday: Candy-themed Labelled Bulldog Clips

ten mins to make labelled bulldog clip

Be excited because from today I’ve decided to introduce a new idea for my blog! As you might have already noticed, I’ve been posting a lot of do-it-yourself projects for ‘Fri-DIY’ and also free printables on Wednesday (I wish I had a nice catchy phrase for that!) But today I thought I might change things up a little by doing a ‘Minutes-to-make-Monday’!

So basically, on some Mondays I will be posting really quick crafts and other fun projects that you can make under a certain amount of time. For example, today’s project took under ten minutes. Got it?

Another thing I will be starting (yay, so many new things) is a weekly theme for my blog posts. For this week, I’ve decided to focus on Candy (because who doesn’t love Candy?)

Anyway, now that we have all that out of the way, let’s begin today’s project. For me it took around ten minutes to make one cute bulldog clip. They’re super easy to make and are perfect for keeping your things organised in a funky way!


Things you will need:

Coloured markers // scissors // felt tip pen // pencil // clear tape // paper

How to make it: (see steps down below)

ten minuntes to make labelled bulldog clip

  1. On some paper, trace an outline around the shape of your bulldog clip so that you have a rough idea of the size of your label.
  2. Then, draw in three lollipops (or any other pattern you like)
  3. Fill in your lollipops with coloured markers then outline them with a felt tip pen.
  4. After that, trace another outline around the top face of the bulldog clip. Inside, write a label. (some labels could include: ‘school’, ‘photos’ or ‘notes’)
  5. Cut out the labels.
  6. Use tape to stick them onto the clip!

Now you can go ahead and make some more – maybe even start a whole collection!


Let me know whether you liked this project and what you think ‘minutes-to-make-Monday’. Also don’t forget to drop by on Wednesday for some more Candy-themed goodness. 😀

xx, miss caly

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