10 Gold DIY Projects to Try!

10 diy gold projects

For this week’s theme, I’ve decided to go for gold! (no pun intended :D)

Gold is such a beautiful tone. It can symbolise fortune, purity, success, love and so much more. I personally just adore the way it glows and compliments other colours so well. At one time in my life, I went through a ‘gold’ phase, where I wanted to own everything in gold (i.e. room decor, stationery and basically everything else I own.) Back then, I bought a can of gold pray paint and literally began painting everything gold! Yep, I went pretty crazy.

Anyway, although that phase in my life has passed, my love for gold still remains, and today I’ve gathered 10 Gold DIY Projects to share the joy. From magnets to jars, everything looks better in gold, don’t you think?

gold diy1. Join some tins and paint them gold to make pencil holders at View From the Fridge

2. Turn plain old bowls into fancy ones at Le Zoe Musings 

3. Make some gold animal key holders at Creative Soul Spectrum

4. Absolutely loving these gold alphabet magnets by Inspired By Charm

5. Some beautiful candles to decorate your room at A Pumpkin And A Princess

6. Make the cutest gold animal birthday candles at The Sweetest Occasion

7. Some sparkly glitter tealight candle holders by Wedding Star

8. This geometric gold room decor is absolutely amazing! By Girl Loves Glam

9. Use gold leaves to decorate empty honey bears at A Beautiful Mess

10. Personalise mugs using gold markers at The Sarah Johnson

Are you a lover of gold? Let me know if you decide to try any of these DIY projects and whether they turned out as beautiful as the ones listed above.

See you next time!

miss caly

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