Easy DIY “Gold Foil” Wall Decor!


Woah, this past week has been so busy and chaotic that I didn’t get time to make a Fri-DIY yesterday! (Of course, school is to blame yet once again).

Anyway, everything is a-okay now because I’m back with another fun project in store for you! Going along with this week’s Gold theme, I’ve decided to make some wall art for what I shall now call SaturDIY, woooooo! These were made using wannabe “gold foil”, which was basically just gold contact paper. I was looking at all the beautiful gold foil wall art on Pinterest and instantly fell in love. Unfortunately I didn’t have any gold foil lying around so I thought contact paper would do just fine as a cheaper substitute. I was proven right!


These look great in a set and the best thing is that you can customise them however you like!

p.s. I bought my gold contact paper from Big W, but you can probably find them at other department stores and craft shops.

All you’ll need:

  • Gold contact paper
  • Black and white cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


diy gold wall art1. To make the first triangle pattern: Cut the gold contact paper into 12 squares the size of 2cm x 2cm. I simply measured this using the grid at the back of the contact paper. After this, cut each square in half to make little triangles.

2. Arrange the triangles in a tessellating pattern onto your black cardboard. You can use my pattern as a reference or customise it yourself. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, simply peel off the back and stick them down!

3. To make the circle shaped pattern: Trace a circle (that fits the size of your cardboard) onto the back of the contact paper. Cut the circle out.

4. Next, cut the circle into smaller pieces. Arrange them onto the white cardboard and stick them down to form the circle shape, leaving a small gap between each piece.

5. To make the ‘hey hello!’ pattern: Draw the words onto the back of the contact paper using the grids to guide you. (Keep in mind that the words will turn out back to front when you cut them out!)

6. When you’re happy with your words, cut them out and stick them in the center of the white cardboard.

7. To make the random lines pattern: Freely cut out some long and short rectangles. Peel off the backs and stick them down!


You can even make a whole bunch of things using gold contact paper. All you have to do is draw the patterns on the back, cut them out, peel off the back and stick them down. Easy peasy.

Hope you liked this week’s SaturDIY!

miss caly

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