15 Minutes-To-Make-Monday – Notebook Elastic With Pen Holder

15 minutesto make

Hey there!

And this week’s theme is (drum-roll please)….


I absolutely love bows in all shapes and sizes. They’re super cute and are the perfect embellishment to anything.

Today I’ve decided to another minutes-to-make-Monday (wooo!) where I’ll be showing you how to make a cute notebook elastic with a bow decoration and pen holder. I was inspired to make this by a similar item I saw at my favourite shop, Kikki.k. I fell in love the beauty and simplicity of a notebook elastic and thought I should give it a shot for today’s post.

To make this, it took me around fifteen minutes to make by hand. I’m sure if you used a sewing machine, it would take a lot less time.

Now let’s get making!

Materials you need:

  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon bow
  • Notebook
  • Pen


notebook elastic1. Cut the elastic about 8cm longer than the circumference of the notebook.

2. Fold the elastic in half then use the needle and thread to hand stitch a line 1cm away from the tip. Now you should have a little loop for your pen, as shown in the picture above.

3. Then, attach your ribbon bow by hand sewing it to the right of the pen loop you have made.

4. Hand stitch the ends of the elastic together to form a circle that fits around your notebook.

5. Put the elastic onto your notebook, and slip the pen into the loop. Now you’re done!

Wasn’t that fun? It was so easy to make and I’m definitely going to make more for my other notebooks too. I hope you liked today’s minutes-to-make-Monday!

Have a lovely week,

miss caly

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6 thoughts on “15 Minutes-To-Make-Monday – Notebook Elastic With Pen Holder

  1. Hey! I have my own diy website, and was looking at stuff to do when I was bored, and this was really awesome!! So cute and useful!!! But there is one problem. Anyone cane get inside a diary with a pin or toothpick. I write books and like to keep them to myself. Any ideas on how to make it harder to get into?


    1. Hahaha, bows are so hard to get right! I was actually lucky enough to find this one already made at the bottom of my drawer (is that cheating?) Oh well, practice makes perfect! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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