Free Printables: Happiness Jar!

happy jar

It’s a new day, a new season, a new month and I think it’s time for a new outlook in life! Today’s post is something I hope will help you feel good and excited because I know you definitely deserve it. 😀

So I’ve had lots of new things in store for September including recipes and DIYs, and making a ‘happiness jar’ was definitely on the list. Today I’ve put together some cute printables so that we can make one together and share the joy. Using a small jar, some washi tape and this printable, you can use this to record all your favourite memories and whatever else makes you happy!

How to use this jar: Whenever something exciting happens or you’re simply in a good mood, write down a little note, fold it up and pop it into the jar. (Not sure what to write? No worries, I’ve even added some prompts into the printable for you!) After that, when you’re having a bad day, pull out some past notes and remember back to the times that made you feel good.

printables happiness jar

Materials needed:


  1. Cut out the ‘happiness jar’ printable. Then, stick the labels onto the lid and front of the jar using PVA glue.
  2. Decorate the jar using washi tape.
  3. When you’re happy, write down a little note onto my printable prompts or a small sheet of paper.
  4. Put the note into the jar!

{Download the free printable Happiness Jar here!}

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Wishing you a happy day!

miss caly

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