Free Printable Lucky Star Designs

printableEver since I learnt how to make origami lucky stars, I’ve been obsessed. The other day I found two whole jars full of them stashed away in my drawer, along with lots and lots of long strips of paper, just waiting to be folded. I think my origami obsession was another crazy phase at some point in my life (those who know me are very well aware of my many crazy phases!)

Anyway, today I’ve decided to get back into making origami stars by designing some printable coloured strips and also making a little tutorial. They’re oh-so easy to make and only require two things: scissors and paper.

p.s. Who loves the pastel colours I chose?!

Materials needed:


make stars

  1. Cut out the printable into long strips according to the colours.
  2. Carefully, make a knot near one end of the strip by making a loop and threading it through. Then, flatten it down.
  3. Now tuck in the shorter end of the knot. Then, begin wrapping the long end around the knot in the shape of a star.
  4. When you finish wrapping, tuck the excess paper into the back side. You should now have a flat star shape.
  5. To inflate the star, use your fingertips to pinch each edge inwards to make it 3D.

You can even make a whole jar full of these and display them as nice room decor! 😀

{Don’t forget to download the printable star designs here!}

xx,miss caly

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