Bracelet Stack Series! DIY Bracelet #1


Hey hey hey! I’m back once again and today I have yet another mini-series! (Another series??) Yes, another series.

I had so much fun making last week’s 3-post-in-a-row Halloween projects, I just had to do some more. Today I’m going to show you how to make a pretty little bracelet which is the first of the three bracelets of this stack. I had so many beads left over from my impulsive bead-spree earlier this year and thought I should make use of them. I chose the colours green, gold and pearl because I thought they would look adorable as a bracelet stack. Turns out they did!


Above is a picture of the three bracelets in this week’s series (aren’t you excited?!) Now join me on this little adventure as we begin making the first design…


Materials I used:

  • Fishing String
  • A bunch of gold beads
  • A bunch of mint green beads
  • A bunch of pearl beads
  • 3 bronze beads
  • A clasp and hook
  • 2 crimp beads
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • (Optional) Shoe box lid and bulldog clip


(Keep in mind that I have a teeny tiny wrist so my quantities may be different than yours)

bracelet 1.1

1.Cut a piece of fishing string 3 times the size of your wrist.

2. Thread a clasp onto the center of the string.

3. With the clasp at the tip, fold the string in half. Then thread a crimp bead onto the double-string. Use pliers to squeeze the crimp bead in place.

4. (Optional) Hook the clasp onto a bulldog clip and clip it to the edge of a shoe box lid. This makes it easier to make the bracelet.

5. Thread the beads onto the string in a repeating pattern. I did: 4 gold beads, 1 mint, 2 gold, 1 pearl, 2 gold, 1 mint, 4 gold. Then, add a bronze bead.

6. Separate the two ends of the string. Thread some mint beads on one side and some pearl beads on the other.

bracelet 1.27. Bring the two ends together again and add one bronze bead.

8. Again, separate the ends of the string, add mint beads on one end and pearls on the other, then add another bronze bead on both.

9. Now, make sure the bracelet fits the size of your wrist. When you’re happy, add a crimp bead and then a hook.

10. Using the string, make a loop over the hook and thread the string back into the crimp bead.

11. Tighten the string and use pliers to squeeze the crimp bead in place.

12. Cut off any excess string or tuck it under the beads.


Whew, you made it! I hope that wasn’t too confusing…Be sure to stop by tomorrow and the day after to complete the rest of this bracelet stack!

Do you like jewellery making?

Miss Caly Sign Out

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