Bracelet Stack Series! DIY Bracelet #3

DIY bracelet stack series! How to make bracelet No. 3.

Now for #3 of this week’s DIY bracelet stack! Remember, this bracelet is one of three designs that I’ve made. If you haven’t seen the first two, click here to see bracelet #1, click here for bracelet #2. 

Today’s bracelet is a simple beaded one, spiced up with a chain attached. I was inspired by some bracelets I found on Pinterest and thought I should do my own take on them. Enjoy!


Materials I used:

  • Fishing string
  • Some mint green beads
  • Some gold beads
  • Some pearl beads
  • A clasp and hook
  • 2 crimp beads
  • 2 jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • An old necklace chain
  • (Optional) Shoe box lid and bulldog clip


(Keep in mind that I have a teeny tiny wrist so my quantities may be different than yours)

DIY bracelet stack series! How to make bracelet No.3

  1. Cut a piece of fishing string 3 times the size of your wrist.
  2. Thread a jump ring onto the center of the string.
  3. With the jump ring at the tip, fold the string in half. Then thread a crimp bead onto the double-string. Use pliers to squeeze the crimp bead in place.
  4. Attach a clasp onto the jump ring using pliers.
  5. (Optional) Hook the clasp onto a bulldog clip and clip it to the edge of a shoe box lid. This makes it easier to make the bracelet.
  6. Thread the beads onto the string in a repeating pattern. For mine, I did: 3 pearls, 1 mint bead, 3 pearls, 1 gold bead, and so on…
  7. When you’re finished, make sure the bracelet fits the size of your wrist. When you’re happy, add a crimp bead and then a jump ring.
  8. Using the string, make a loop over the jump ring and thread the string back into the crimp bead.
  9. Tighten the loop of string and use pliers to squeeze the crimp bead in place.
  10. Cut off any excess string or tuck it under the beads.
  11. Use pliers to attach a hook and a necklace chain to the jump ring.
  12. Use scissors to cut the necklace chain to the same length as your bracelet. Then, use pliers to attach the other end of the necklace chain to the jump ring at the other end.

You’ve now completed your third and final bracelet. (*Applause*) You can now impress your friends with your amazing jewellery-making skills! These bracelets would also be perfect as a gift for that special someone – simply tie them together with a ribbon and there you go.



Miss Caly Sign Out

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