Watercolor Art: Summer Fun

Summer’s coming in less than 13 days and the weather’s really starting to show it! I swear that Winter had only just ended… and now it’s already almost time for all those flies, mosquitoes and endless rounds of sunscreen.

Sometimes I still have debates which season I like best. Autumn’s usually cold, Winter’s dull, Spring gives me hayfever…and Summer just plain hot! But then again, I love the energy that the warm season brings. The sun has really gotten me hyped for the ice creams and fun to come!

Miss Caly

I painted these graphics in excitement for the holidays, which are in a couple of weeks for me (school’s almost over, yay!) ‘Summer fun’ illustrates a few things I’m really looking forward to – ice cream (because who doesn’t love ice cream), fruit, going outside with nature and.. well I kind of just threw some flamingos in because I just couldn’t resist.


flamingo funfun summer

How long do you have until your holidays begin?

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