20 Ways to Wrap Your Christmas Gifts

20 ways to wrap your Christmas gifts! - Miss Caly

Brace yourself for a whole storm of holiday-related posts because, as you can probably tell, I’m hella excited!

Today’s roundup of Christmas wrapping ideas is perfect for ‘pretty-ing’ up your gifts this year  – maybe even adding that extra value. From painting plain brown paper to adding twine and ribbon, I’ve gathered twenty of my favourite ideas from Pinterest to share with you.

I think it’s great to take that extra time to decorate your gifts because it really shows how much you care. In the end the wrapping may just be ripped up or thrown away, but still, it’s nice to know you made the effort to be thoughtful. And besides, who doesn’t love pretty presents?!

20 ways to wrap your gifts this Christmas! - Miss Caly

  1. Bedazzle your gift with a DIY bright red snowflake at Decora Casas
  2. Add some some with some bows and gold tipped featuers by Lia Griffith
  3. Show your artistic skills by drawing on gifts at Going Home to Roost
  4. Reindeer presents? Yes please! By Little Things
  5. Add some cute stars with this DIY by Pink Frilly
  6. Turn plain paper bags into beautiful gifts with a DIY wreath at Damask Love
  7. Simple polka dot wrapping by The Pretty Blog
  8. Make your gift sentimental by adding a photo at Live Journal
  9. Polka dots, lots of twine and a hand drawn bauble at Skulls and Cross Buns
  10. Add ribbon bow and twine for a cute and simple gift at Ghirlanda Di Popcorn20 ways to wrap your gifts for Christmas! - Miss Caly
  11. Slap on some stamps and twine for a parcel-like look at Pure Thoughts
  12. Loving this printable gift wrapping by DIY Candy
  13. Painted reindeers, pom poms and twine? Even cuter! By Craft Gawker
  14. Time to put the washi tape to good use… at Elizabeth Doodah
  15. Adore this holiday lights gift wrapping by Burlap and Blue
  16. Attach this DIY snowflake using straws at Centsational Girl
  17. Another beautiful stamped gift wrapping by LMNOP
  18. Edible gift tags? YES. By Decorators Notebook
  19. Stick on this adorable pop up Christmas tree at LHJ
  20. Make personalised gift wrapping by throwing on some glitter at Latch Key Kid

Which one’s your favourite?

miss caly

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