Free Phone Wallpapers: 4 Watercolour Designs

Free Watercolour Phone Wallpapers - 4 Designs by Miss Caly

Hey friends!

It’s almost the end of the school year and the days have gotten so boring. Can the holidays come already?!

Today I spend my afternoon reading and painting, which was absolutely perfect in this heat. The afternoon is always my favourite time of day – it always puts a smile on my face. Perhaps these Watercolour Wallpapers will put a smile on your face too!

These bright wallpapers were hand painted by moi and scanned/edited on my computer. Hopefully these bright designs will brighten up your days on the countdown to Summer! (Or Winter… or whatever season you’re waiting for!)

They’re free for you to download. Simply tap and hold each image to save.


Wallpaper #1:

Pink and purple wallpaper - Miss Caly

Wallpaper #2:

Pink wallpaper - Miss Caly

Wallpaper #3:

blue wallpaper

Wallpaper #4:

Watercolour Wallpaper - Miss Caly

Miss Caly Sign Out

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