Photography: Monochrome Garden

It’s been a while since I picked up my camera and took some photos for my own leisure. It’s something I used to enjoy doing in my spare time and now something I hardly do at all. Yesterday as darkness crept over the midst of evening, I finally took the chance to go outside and shoot some snaps.

I wanted to capture the beauty and mystery that nature beholds, most evident when it gets dark. I loved the way the plants looked against the fence in my backyard – there was such a sinister look about them. It felt as though a giant disfigured silhouette could just appear any minute with its towering shadow.

There’s something so mystical about my garden at night, especially under the full moon, among the constant noises of crickets and rattling birds. Even the garden gnome looked ominous.


To me, photography isn’t just about taking pictures of things and editing them – it’s about capturing real moments and expressing a meaning within an artwork. Next time you’ve got time to spare, why not pick up that old camera or phone and start snapping? After all, a picture can tell a thousand words, right?

miss caly

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