10 Ways To Keep a Positive Mindset

10 ways to keep a positive mindset! - Miss Caly

Hey friends,

When people talk about health, we often associate it with fitness and dietary habits. But how often to we think about our mental health? I believe mental health is one of the most – if not, the most – important part of our well being. It makes us who we are and drives us to make all those important decisions in life. All our choices depend on our attitude and interests, which in the end is dependant on our happiness.

This December, I want to focus on, well, happiness, and ways we can make 2016 the best year it can possibly be.

There are so many ways you can keep a positive mindset and I’m sure there are many other posts just like this one, telling you ‘how to feel good.’ But the thing is, it’s easy to simply feel joy, but it can take a lot of motivation to maintain happiness. Today I just want to share with you a few habits that I find especially helpful in keeping a positive outlook in life – some things you might like to try too. 


1.Keeping a ‘grateful’ list

On a sheet of paper, write a list of the things you’re grateful for, whether it’d be ‘a family’ or that you ‘don’t have to walk to school.’ Add to this list daily. Whenever you’re feeling low, never forget the things you may take for granted.


2. Make an inspiration wallpaper

Gather an array of images that inspire you (dreams, goals, wishes, interests, people…) and put them in a collage using a photo editing software such as PicMonkey. Then, set it as the wallpaper of your phone or desktop, or even print it out and stick it somewhere in plain sight. Change it up regularly and never stop being inspired!


3. Treat yourself

A lot of the days we are working hard, whether it’d be at school, work or community. But don’t forget to put yourself first every once in a while. Take thirty minutes to do something that makes you feel good, like taking a bath or cooking yourself a giant meal of donuts topped with ice cream (yes, please.)


4. Write down your accomplishments

At the end of each day, practise writing down at least two things you have accomplished. We all accomplish something everyday, whether it’s big or small.


5. Clean your social media feed

I would tell you to switch off your social media, but I know that’s almost impossible. So, instead, I’ll say clean all the junk from your feed. It’s hard not to compare yourself to others when all you’re seeing is flawless touched-up selfies on Instagram everyday. Instead of following things that may make you feel uncomfortable, follow other accounts like photographers or designers. My favourite instagram account is @taramilktea (her photos are simply beautiful.)


6. Give someone a compliment

You may not think it, but a nice compliment goes a long way. Not only are you brightening up someone’s day, but there’s this unexplainable sense of satisfaction you get when you make someone else smile.


7. Go outside, relax under the sun

I find that a lot of us spend most of our time indoors these days (I know I do.) Every once in a while, take some time out from all the chaos and routine of the house and find a quiet place outside. Reading a book or doing yoga can really make you feel good.


8. Keep a journal

Every night or even once a week, try writing in your diary because getting your emotions out is very important! When there’s no one you feel comfortable talking to, a journal is always there to be your friend. And it doesn’t judge. Paranoid that someone will read it? Try my DIY diary lock here. 


9. Do some meditation

Light up some candles, fill the room with a soothing scent and take some time to meditate. I find that it really helps me focus and be calm.


10. Listen to uplifting music

It’s so weird how music can really determine someone’s mood. Upbeat and lively music can make you feel energised and motivated to do things!

So there you have it. My top 10 things to do to keep a positive mindset. What are yours?

Stay inspired,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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