DIY Personalised Beauty Gift Set – With Free Printables!

DIY Beauty Gift Set - Free Printables! By Miss Caly

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start getting those gifts together. (So many gifts to get, so little time!) As you might already know, I looooveee giving presents to people. Call me weird, but I get this strange satisfaction choosing gifts and decorating them. If I could, I would buy gifts for everyone – including every single one of you! However, being only 15, unfortunately I don’t have the money nor a car to drive myself to the shops – that’s why this year I’ve opted for DIY gifts.

This DIY Beauty Gift Set is perfect for all you last minute gift-givers who don’t want to spend too much money. In fact, you could probably find all the materials in your household. I’ve even designed some tags for you to print out – easy peasy! 


The set consists of three items: a lip scrub, body lotion and lip balm. I’ll be showing you how to make a DIY lip scrub and also how to personalise/decorate body lotion and lip balm. So, read on to find out the rest!


#1 How to make the easy lip scrub:



1 tbsp sugar // A bit of honey // food colouring // drop of vanilla extract // small jar

  1. Mix the brown sugar with just enough honey to get it to stick together. Add some vanilla for a nice smell and food colouring for a nice colour.


#2 Body lotion:



Plain body lotion // vanilla extract (optional) // Small jar

  1. Pump some body lotion into a small jar. To add a nice scent, put in a few drops of vanilla.


#3 Decorating the items:

DIY Beauty Gift Set - with Free Printables! By Miss Caly



  1. Cut out the free printable.
  2. Stick the labels onto the lip balm, body lotion jar and lip scrub jar.
  3. Decorate the items with coloured ribbon and labels.
  4. Put the items into a larger mason jar and embellish it for gifting!


So there you have it! What are you DIY-ing for Christmas this year?

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