Christmas Doodling: Evening Therapy


Today’s evening was spent mindlessly doodling along to soft soothing tunes and the sound of the cricket in the backyard that just won’t hush. (Yep, it’s cricket season again.)


Doodling has always been something I loved. If you’ve been following my instagram for a while, you might have noticed I like to draw random patterns and shapes for fun. We all have different ways of rewinding and relaxing, and mine so happens to be therapeutic art-making. 


For some reason, my mind still hasn’t processed yet that it is actually December and that 2015 is almost over. Despite the hot weather coming about and the annoying mosquitoes pestering my bedroom, it still feels like it’s the middle of the year. It just doesn’t feel like… Christmas. When I was younger, I used to get this excited feeling at the end of the year – almost a hysteric joy – bubbling at the pit of my stomach that reminded me that it was time to get festive. Now, it still feels like another day going by. Maybe it’s because I haven’t put my tree up yet. Or heard any Christmas songs on the radio…

Whatever it is, I think we should all remind ourselves that this season is not just a time for gifting and delicious food, but a time to come together with the ones we love. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s no better way to end the year than to spend quality time with those who make us happy. Whether it’s taking them out to lunch or simply telling them how grateful you are, this year has been such a boisterous year and I believe that the people who’ve stuck with us through it all deserve to be acknowledged and cherished.

What are you with the ones you love this December?

Miss Caly Sign Out

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Doodling: Evening Therapy

  1. I love your little doodling! I wish I was able to draw. My dad is quite good at it too, as well as my son, but whenever I attempt, it looks like a 4yr olds pictures! The talent must have skipped me! Loving that little deer – So cute!

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    1. Thanks so much! Aww, I’m not the best drawer but I sure do love it! I believe a little bit of practice and passion can make anyone an incredible artist. Never stop being creative, hehe. 🙂

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