10 Yummy Mug Cakes to Try These Holidays

10 Yummy Mug Cakes to Try These Holidays - Miss Caly

I was recently introduced to a thing called Mug Cakes and was immediately intrigued. A cake in a mug…made in minutes..in a microwave?! How could I not have known this?

I came across such thing on Pinterest (of course), and when I did more research, hundreds and hundreds of recipes appeared before my eyes. (It’s a Christmas miracle!) 😀 It really is amazing what you can do with a few ingredients and some kitchen appliances. You’re probably thinking I’ve been living under a rock all these years for not knowing about Mug Cakes… but they still fascinate me nevertheless.

So, I had no choice but to share some of my favourite recipes with you.

Today I gathered ten of my favourite recipes I found – all of them being on my holiday ‘to-make’ list. Nutella cake? Yum. Peppermint swirl cake? Hell yeah!

10 Yummy Mug Cakes to Try These Holidays! - Miss Caly

  1. Chocolate fudge s’mores cake at How Sweet Eats
  2. Banana cake with cream cheese frosting at Cooking Classy
  3. Chocolate cherry cake at Life Made Sweeter
  4. Peanut butter pumpkin cake at Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt
  5. Nutella cake at Babble
  6. Strawberries and cream cake at Babble
  7. Gingerbread cake at Just Putzing
  8. Hot chocolate cake at Kirbie Cravings
  9. Peppermint swirl mug cake at Kirbie Cravings
  10. Gingerbread pumpkin breakfast cake at Healthy Aperture

Which one’s your favourite?

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