Yearly Wrap Up: Best of 2015 by Miss Caly

Hey Friends,

Can I just say that this has been such an incredible year and only now that I look back do I realise how much has happened and changed in some short 364 days! I think this year I’ve learnt so much and my outlook on life altogether is very different – reflecting on my 2014 self, I probably wouldn’t recognise myself. But that’s the exciting part of life, right? We grow through knowledge, experience and time.

I simply cannot believe it’s been only seven months since the official launch of Miss Caly – it really does feel like I’ve known you guys for years. Everyday I am inspired to make new posts and I love sharing with you the things I’m passionate about, whether it’d be a DIY, a drawing or something random. I must admit, blogging has been a long and bumpy ride for me. Behind the screen I had to find a way to balance a school and social life, as well edit pictures, write posts, connect on social media and look for post ideas. There were times when I didn’t have time to post, there were times of blogging burnouts and sometimes a lack of inspiration. I’m also still trying to find a theme for my blog too, so you may notice a few changes here and there every once in a while… Anyway, in the end, through blood, sweat and tears (not really…), I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, and I really look forward to the opportunities to come next year!

This would actually be the first time I’m celebrating this exciting end and beginning with you, and I thought I’d make it special by reflecting on the highlights of my blog this year. Below is a list of my personal favourite and most viewed posts for 2015. I’m feeling nostalgic already… :’)



DSC00741Easy Diary Lock

Turn any plain notebook into a top secret diary in 5 Minutes, simply by using ribbon and a hole puncher.




IMG_9639Nutella Straw Jar + Milkshake Recipe

Upcycle an empty Nutella container into this cute drink jar with a straw.




IMG_9131Survival Kit: Gift Idea

In need of a creative gift idea that will impress your friends? Try this!




IMG_1342-001Washi Tape Dispenser

Organise your washi tapes with this dispenser using materials you can easily find around the house.





happy jarHappiness Jar

Make a little jar of Happy keep all your favourite memories throughout the year. Includes labels and prompts to get you started.





IMG_0343Animal Prints & DIY Bookmarks

Make your own bookmarks with these adorable animals!




IMG_9398The Ultimate Birthday Card

Make the coolest birthday card ever! Includes mini cut-out garlands, a fold up card and a “Chanel” envelope.




printable-mandala-colouringColouring Page: Mandala

Something to colour in to relax or pass the time…





Free Phone Wallpapers - Watercolour Flowers at https://misscaly.wordpress.comWatercolour Flowers

3 pretty wallpaper designs featuring some pink flowers, painted with watercolour.






Free Watercolour Phone Wallpapers - 4 Designs by Miss CalyWatercolour Patterns

4 unique watercolour designs for your phone.





Life and Organisation:


leonardo's journal11 Ways to Use Notebooks

Got a spare notebook? Here are eleven creative ways to fill it in.




Ways to keep a positive mindsetHow to Keep a Positive Mindset

A few things you can do to stay positive and happy!







IMG_0636Rapunzel’s Eyes

How to draw Rapunzel(from Tangled)’s beautiful emerald green eyes!




floral doodlineFloral Doodling

A peek into the step-by-step process of how I like to doodle with flowers and hexagons.





Which post was your favourite this year? Please do let me know what you want to see more of next year, I’d be happy to make requests or suggestions!

This will probably be my last post of 2015, so I wish you all an unforgettable new year and all the very best! See you again next year, hehe.

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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