12 Things to Start Doing in 2016

12 things to start doing in 2016 - Miss Caly

Can you believe it’s 2016?! Woah, that means that the last time I talked to you was last year. I hope that everyone had a great end to a great year, and that the coming one will be even better!

BUT, now that all the festivities and celebrations have finished, it’s time to embrace a new beginning and work hard to make it good. New Year’s Resolutions have been made, goals have been set and it’s time to get real serious with ways to achieve them!

With this new fresh feeling in the air and a recharged motivation, today I had a little think of some things to do to make 2016 exciting and successful. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

1. Get rid of old things:

Sometimes, the things that keep you from moving forward are the things that hold you back in the past. Every once in a while, go through your belongings and sort out the things you no longer use or want. You might find that simply donating them to someone else or throwing them away (if they’re unusable) can free up space and make you feel less claustrophobic.

2. Plan out your day in the morning or the night before:

Before bed or as soon as you wake up, take just 5 minutes to set an intention for the day. Writing a list of things you want to achieve can make you feel more organised and on top of things (even if you aren’t!) If you’re one to write schedules, remember to add in breaks in between tasks so you don’t work too hard!

3. Find a passion: 

This year, find something that you love to do. Whether it’d be joining a sport, cooking or something creative, do it all. And just because one activity doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t mean that everything else won’t. The exciting part of life is that there are endless opportunities, just waiting for you to try.

4. Switch off social media half an hour before bed: 

I find that it’s easy to get lost in the social media world, especially with the never ending Facebook newsfeed and millions of Youtube videos waiting to be watched. One minute, I’m on Instagram and the next, it’s 1am in the morning. Sound familiar? Instead of using technology before bed, try reading or gentle yoga.

5. Sleep earlier! 

I know, I know, you’ve probably been nagged about this hundreds of times but here’s another reminder of the good it does for you. Besides having a tonne of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing, there’s one plain and simple reason why you should get more sleep: so that you’re not tired!

6. Save your money:

I’m sure I’m not the only one who goes crazy at sales, filling up my basket with a load of cheap junk! This year, instead of spending, spending, spending, try saving those little coins because they do eventually add up. And when they do, buy yourself something that really is worthwhile.

7. Spend quality time with loved ones: 

Often we overlook the people who are there for us everyday of our lives. Every once in a while, let them know you care and how grateful you are to have them. Bring out a game of chess, take them on a picnic or battle in a match of badminton. Whatever it is, cherish the time with them and make the most of it while you can.

8. Read more books!

One thing I love about my night is when I get to read before bed. It’s the perfect way to end the day. This year, head to your library or do some shopping and stock up those bookshelves. Reading is a peaceful and perfect way to escape reality and use your imagination to go on another adventure for a little while.

9. Don’t check social media until after you brush your teeth in the morning: 

There are plenty of better ways to start your day than by glueing your eyes to a screen as soon as you open them. Try the ‘no phones until after brushing teeth’ rule and see how you’ll feel more alive in the morning!

10. If you’re going to school or going out, make your lunch the night before. 

Unless you’re a super early riser, sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make a proper lunch in the morning and you end up making slop, buying lunch or even worse, skipping it. At least if you make your meal the night before, you’ll know what’s in it, you’ll be saving money and you won’t have to rush in the morning.

11. Making drinking water and washing your face be the first things you do when you wake up. 

Making a habit of splashing your face with cold water and drinking a glass as soon as you wake up in the morning will make you feel more awake and hydrated for the day.

12. Writing in a journal. 

This is one thing I’ve tried and failed, tried…and failed. And now I’m trying again. But one thing I’ve learnt is that you don’t have to commit to making an entry every day, but rather, just find the time every now and then to reflect on your life and sort out how you really feel. It can really help in relieving stress or negative thoughts.

Best of luck for 2016! What are you going to start doing this year?

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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11 thoughts on “12 Things to Start Doing in 2016

  1. I completely understand! I’m also currently in the middle of a holiday clean out and the sentimental part of me just wants to keep everything! I’m glad you like this post, Happy New year 🙂


  2. My New Year’s Resolution is to read more books and explore the world more! Great list! I like how these are all goals that increase happiness in more subtle ways than “lose weight.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reading and travelling is also definitely in my resolutions! I’m glad you like this list. Being ‘healthy’ is probably on a lot of people’s New Years Resolutions but I think that although losing weight may have benefits, we also need to look after our emotional health just as much as physical!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re not alone! There’s just something so addictive about the Internet… At least if you switch it off before bed you won’t get too carried away. Hehe, good luck with your goals this year!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I need to work on all of these things! I am currently working on getting rid of old things. Just donated 4 – 5 garbage bags to a charity. I still have things to go through. It’s so hard to let go of things I have memories to you know?

    Liked by 1 person

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