The Struggles of Choosing a Diary

This afternoon consisted of me carefully ripping paper, rummaging through craft drawers, sticking lots of tape here and there, and accidentally cutting myself with scissors. Yep, I’m up to some DIY-ing again, because what’s a better way to spend the holidays? Today’s project is a little different to the usual ones I do, because it took a lot more effort, and is a little bit more personal to me. The other day I bought myself a 2016 diary, and my stubborn creative self (being a wannabe craft guru and all) decided I should make my own cover for it.


Here’s the story of how it all began:

A while back, I decided that this year I really am going to turn my life around when it comes to productivity and getting things done. Organisation is key, and having a diary was at the top of my priorities list. If you get to know me, you’ll discover that I am a very picky person when it comes to personalised things, and so this lead to the countless hours I spent on looking for the right diary cover.


The struggle really was very real. Every time I went into a shop, none of the diaries really “spoke” to me (am I crazy for wanting a connection with my stationery?) Anyway, when I was back in Japan last September, I spent a lotttt of time looking for a diary. I’m not sure if you can relate, but there was just so much pressure in choosing the right one! I needed one small enough to fit in my school bag, but large enough for me to write stuff in. I wanted a hard cover diary, but one that wasn’t too heavy. The worst part was making my parents wait hours for me to “just pick one and move on!” But they just didn’t understand – a diary was something I’d see and use everyday, and it had to be flawless. Ah, it was hard, and I ended up buying a small yet expensive one that I didn’t really like.


Yesterday, when I went on a spontaneous trip to the city, I found a very cute diary for only $5!? It was the perfect shape and size, with a hard cover, bookmark and all. This time, the diary really did speak to me – except there was one teeny tiny problem: I didn’t like the cover. But I bought it anyway.


And hence, this is why I how I have come to the decision that I will DIY my own diary cover! Already I have carefully taken off the original Tinkerbell one and I’m thinking about replacing it with a fabric cover instead. I have also make a little pocket on the first page to store my little notes and stickers too!

I’m actually so excited for this diary to come to life and to really make it mine. I will be posting another update when I’m done and maybe even a quick tutorial too. Hehe, you probably think I’m crazy for putting this much effort in such a simple thing. But I guess that’s the struggle of choosing a diary!

And in case you’re wondering what happened to the one I bought in Japan, I’ve decided to turn that one into a daily Health journal.

What kind of diary are you using this year?

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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