Drawing Captain America: Progress Photos

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (5)

This year I’ve made a resolution to draw more often, especially with coloured pencils and charcoal. I found that towards the end of 2015 I’d started to get lazy and stuck to pen sketching and doodling here and there, and I never actually took the time to make real art.

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (2)

Today marks the very first day of twenty sixteen in which I’ve been bothered to sharpen my pencils and get artsy! And there’s no one better to draw than Captain America. I actually started this drawing months ago but I never had the chance to continue it until today.

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (3)

It was last November that I decided to watch all the Marvel films in order – movies, TV shows and all – and I’d fallen in love! My favourite is the first Captain America movie and I’m also hooked on the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series. Ah, Marvel never fails to satisfy.

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (4)

As for my coloured pencils, I’m not a huge believer in spending tonnes of money on art supplies so I generally stick to the basic brands. The pencils I used for this drawing are of the brands Crayola and Columbia. I really recommend these pencils for all artists, especially beginners, as the quality is pretty decent for the price I got them for!

Although, I do have my eye on Prismacolour pencils, but to be honest, their price terrifies me a little. Do let me know if you’ve ever tried them and whether they’re worth purchasing!

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (6)

Drawing Captain America - By Miss Caly  (1)

I’m not finished the drawing yet, but I’ve made a deal with myself that I will by the end of this week!

Are you drawing anything at the moment?

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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8 thoughts on “Drawing Captain America: Progress Photos

  1. Wow you are good with color pencils too. Yes even I have decided to do more of art work this year. I finished Madhubani Painting recently and have shared step by step procedure of the same on the blog. Do check and give your feedback when you get time.


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