Free Download Phone Wallpapers! Smiley Cat

Free download Smiley Cat phone wallpapers! By Miss Caly

Yesterday I saw a video on YouTube on how to digitalise pencil drawings and thought I just had to give it a go. Until now, my art has been mostly done with pencil/pen and paper, but my friend, times are changing…

cat1 watermarkdig

I spent today’s whole afternoon perfecting this cute little guy on Photoshop. First I drew a rough sketch of him in pencil, then I took a photo of the sketch and uploaded it on my computer. Then, using some new skills I learnt from yesterday, I turned him into a digital illustration. I’m still quite a newbie at digital art but I’ll definitely be doing more of this in the future… it’s so fun!

Today I made three different phone wallpapers with the little guy. I haven’t named him yet, but I guess we’ll just call him Smiley Cat.

These are free for you to download, but remember they’re only for personal use as I designed them. Simply tap and hold each image to download. Enjoy!

#1: Lonely Smiley Cat


Cute Minimal Cat Wallpaper 1 - Miss Caly


#2: Smiley Cat Domination


Happy Cats Wallpaper 2 - Miss Caly


#3: Pink Obsessed Smiley Cat

Cute Minimal Cat Wallpaper 3 - Miss Caly

Which one’s your favourite? Mine’s the Smiley Cat Domination. 😀

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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8 thoughts on “Free Download Phone Wallpapers! Smiley Cat

  1. Nice creation and it really turned out good in the first attempt. The idea to turn pencil drawings digital sounds interesting I must try it some time. Thanks for sharing nice idea.


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