School Stationery Supplies Haul!


Hey friends,

I have to say that by far my most favourite part of venturing back into the school-life is hunting for books and grabbing a brand new supply of stationery. It’s just the feeling of change and freshness that makes me feel renewed and motivated for the upcoming academic year. Anyone else feel?

The other day I took what was meant to be a “quick trip” down to the shopping centre to buy some new exercise books… but the numerous bags I walked out with told a whole new story. I’m the kind of person who likes to be prepared for things, and boy do I feel prepared for school with all my new purchases!

Today I thought I might share with you a little HAUL of some of my new things. (I don’t have to be excited to go back to school, but at least I can get super hyped over new stationery!)


To start off, I got some basic desk essentials, including: OfficeOne Gel Pens, Pretty Ballpoint pens from Kmart, ‘Life’s Little Stickers’ from Kikki.k, Keji Gluesticks, BIC Atlantis Bold pens, BIC Clic Ultra Colours, Sharpie Markers, assorted Washi Tape, Smiggle mini stapler, Uniball Eye Fine Rollerballs, Ditta Blue gluesticks, and a 2016 Diary.


Ahh, washi tape. I got these all the way from Japan at a wonderful shop called Flying Tiger. (My favourite is the leopard print.)


Since I will be going into year eleven this year, I’ve also purchased myself some binders from OfficeWorks to store all my notes. They were quite plain at first so I decided to cover them in fabric.


And finally, what I really meant to buy: books. From OfficeWorks I got a pack of 100 lined sheets for my binders, a few 128 page Grid Books and some 96 page lined books. I also got a giant divided notebook from Kmart with sections for each subject so that I can write topic summaries.


Have you been back-to-school shopping yet? Let me know what your stationery essentials are!

Miss Caly Sign Out

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14 thoughts on “School Stationery Supplies Haul!

  1. I love your posts, you are so creative, so I hope you don’t mind me saying stationery is spelt with an e. E for envelope might help you remember. A is for arrived as in stationary, motionless. Because a lot of your posts are around writing, journals etc, it’s important you are using the right word! By the way, I’m an adult with no back to school requirements, but I have a real stationery habit! Love pretty papers, pens and journals and am amazed at your creative output at your age! Keep it up 😊


    1. Oh my, how awkward it is to say I’ve been spelling the word wrong my whole life! That’s okay, thanks for pointing that out, I better go change it now. Have a lovely day 🙂


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