Free Printable School Study Planner & Organiser

Free Printable School Month Planner Organiser - Miss Caly

Hey friends,

Getting organised for school can be a difficult and tedious task. I mean, let’s get real; remembering all those assignments, upcoming exams, events, and homework is not easy when they end up being crammed up inside the limitless depths of the working brain. I’m almost certain that even the most intelligent person in the would couldn’t remember every detail of their lives based on pure memory . Sometimes you just have to write things down for them to really sink in.

Hopefully this School-Study-Planner-Organiser will help with just that!


I’ve designed today’s printable for those academic achievers out there (shoutout to all you students and study fanatics!) I personally find it easier to keep on track with my school work load by making lists and reminders. The act of ticking things off as I go is such a satisfying thing to do and makes me feel like I’m actually being productive.


Today’s printable includes two pages. On one is a weekly view of the entire month, including space to label each week and write down important dates, and there’s also two check-boxes at the bottom of each day so you can tick off when you’ve done your homework and revision. (Because according to insisting teachers at my school, both of those tasks should be done on a daily basis).


The second page is my favourite because it includes lists, lists and lists. There’s space for you to write your goals for the month, any events, assignments, to-do’s, notes and ideas, and your favourite quote to keep you motivated.

Let’s make this month an organised and productive one!


Remember, it’s free for personal use only.

Do you go to school? If so, how are you getting organised to learn this year?

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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