6 Easy DIY Planner Hacks!

6 easy DIY planner hacks you need to know! - Miss Caly

I may not be the most productive person in the world, but I sure do have a thing for planners. (If you haven’t already noticed from my abundance of ‘planning’ posts, I love to write and organise things!) Especially since it’s the beginning of the year, I’ve been super hard at work getting things together, scribbling to-do’s and dates into my little diary of mine. I also loooovee to customise everything I own because it makes them more personal to me. Basically, this post is a combination of all of the above. 


If you’re a planner-addict too, today I’ll pulled together six DIY’s you can make to customise your planner and make it more efficient. I call these “hacks”, well, because I guess they’d defy the typical bland planners you’d buy from the store. Your diary – combined with all these added DIYs – would be a cooler, more superior version of the one you originally had. Yes, your diary would be better than the person next to you.

Just kidding.

But still, you might want to give these a go!

Easy DIY planner hacks you need to know! - Miss Caly

1. Portable Washi Tape holder:

First off, let’s give a shoutout to all those Washi Tape fans. *Cheer!* If you like to decorate you planner with decorative tape but don’t like bringing rolls on-the-go, you might like this DIY. Simply grab an old gift card and wrap the tape around it as many times as you like. Yay. Now it’s flat so you can bring it anywhere you like.

DIY Card Washi Tape Holder - Miss Caly

2. Washi Tape Bookmarks:

Cut off a piece of tape and stick it to the end of a paperclip. Cut it into a nice shape and voila! You can now use this to mark the current day and/or month.

DIY Washi Tape Bookmarks - Miss Caly

3. Note Book Elastic:

The perfect embellishment to your diary. Grab a hair tie, attach a charm and there you have it! Use this to secure your diary shut and to store any notes or other items (i.e. a pen).

DIY Notebook Elastic using a hair tie - Miss Caly

4. Page of Stickers:

If you like to use planner stickers, use clear tape to stick one edge of the sticker sheet to a page in your diary. (See below for reference.) Now they’re clear to see and it’s easy to peel off a sticker whenever you need it.

5. DIY small pocket:

Cut out a small scrap piece of paper to make a pocket. Sticky-tape it to one of the pages in your diary to create a little sleeve for storing notes. I use this sleeve to store more of my stickers, as shown in the photo below.

DIY Planner Sticker Holder - Miss Caly

6. Adding a Calendar for each Month:

If your planner doesn’t already have an overview for each month, it’s always handy to make one yourself. That way, you can easily see all your important dates for the month. Here I’ve printed out a mini version of my Free Printable February Calendar and glued it in.



I hope you found these easy DIYs fun and helpful.

Know any other planner hacks? I’d love to hear about them!

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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2 thoughts on “6 Easy DIY Planner Hacks!

    1. Thanks Anne! Hehe, yep it’s very cute and compact and just perfect for bringing with me everywhere I go. I’m glad I’ve inspired you. Good on you girl, it’s always a good time to sort out your life! 😀


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