Doodling, Just Because…


I like to draw

on paper, on worksheets, on napkins – anything, really.

I’ve noticed that people like to express themselves in different ways, whether it’d be writing a poem, a story, dancing, making a speech or simply or ranting to other people. There are endless ways in showing our feelings and getting them out there into the world so that they are no longer caged inside us. Well, I like to draw. 

And why do I like drawing, do you ask? The answer’s simple: it makes me happy, it makes me feel free. I think that imagination is something so precious to us and something, perhaps, we don’t use often enough. It’s the imagination that changes lives, gives us new ideas and the motivation to try something new. And when you put that imagination into simply a pen and paper, that’s when the magic happens.

To me, drawing is kind of like reading a book, only this book is the one inside your brain. You simply let the pen glide freely, eyes guiding it across the page. Your mind has a story to tell, and you figure out what it is by creating an artwork. The trick is not to try too hard, not to force anything, but rather, just go with the flow.

Today I doodled for fun – something I haven’t done in quite a long time – and I realised just how much I missed it. Ever since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been so caught up with homework and getting organised that I forgot to let myself rest a little and  do something for myself that I loved.


It began with a thought.


And then a question, wondering what I should draw.


Then a little creature made its way to the page. And some more. And more…


Until they became a family.

Random things doodle by Miss CalyHere’s another doodle I made a few weeks ago…

Little Guys doodle by Miss Caly

Do you like to draw?

Wishing you a lovely day and an even lovelier week ahead,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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6 thoughts on “Doodling, Just Because…

  1. I used to draw all the time, art was my favourite subject in secondary school, but I started drawing less and less when I was in college. I’ve been getting back into it though over the last week or two and am reminded of how fun and relaxing it is. It really does help take your mind off of things 🙂


    1. Aw, I guess it is the sad truth that life doesn’t leave enough time for drawing! I find I’m facing a similar problem with all my school work too… I’m really glad you’ve picked it up again, though. It does wonders for stress relief and passing time! 🙂

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