Inside my Sketchbook!


Inside my Sketchbook - Miss Caly

My mini sketchbook is something I like to keep with me wherever I go. It’s particularly perfect for those boring car rides or simply  just for doodling whenever I feel like it. I got my sketchbook back when I went to Japan and ever since, it’s become my best friend. #sketchbooklove!


You may have already had a peek at my sketches on Instagram, but today I thought I might share little tour with you of what I’ve done so far. I love drawing in pen because it’s so free and unrestricted. Sometimes I use my sketchbook for practising drawing techniques or following tutorials on how to draw certain things. Other times, I simply love to create random patterns until they form something weird and wonderful.


Looking into someone’s sketchbook is like looking into someone’s brain. You can see all their grand ideas, patterns of thinking and creative compositions, all in one tiny book. I’ve seen so many talented artists all over the internet and I’m inspired everyday at what they do. Some of my favourites are Helen Wells Artist and Cry The Bird. It’s truly amazing what you can do with a pen and paper!

I haven’t done much in my sketchbook yet, but here’s what I have so far!










Do you have a sketchbook?

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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6 thoughts on “Inside my Sketchbook!

  1. This is a cute blog and I must commend your efforts so far.
    Nice sketches, unfortunately, I don’t draw anymore, think I kinda lost it. But I have a crash book where I garner all my thoughts.

    Also…I just followed you on Instagram. Such a delight.


    1. Hi Enny! A crash book sounds awesome. I tend to write my thoughts down all over the place – anywhere and everywhere… Aw no, you should definitely start drawing again and let that creative spirit flow! To me, it not about the quality of the art, but rather, the free expression of the mind. Also, thanks so much for the support!

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