A Quick Little Hello + Giveaway?


That’s all I wanted to say today.


Hello to you – you who is procrastinating from study, you who has been mindlessly surfing the internet for the past hour, you who is receiving this through your email or WordPress feed. However you managed to stumble upon this post today, I just wanted to say hello. Well that, and I also wanted to give you guys a quick little update, as well as ask you guys about a potential giveaway… Hehe, scroll down and more shall be revealed in a moment… 😀

First of all, it’s almost been a year since I created this blog and I wanted just to take a minute to just to think about all that’s happened. For one, I love blogging. I love making things, I love organising things and I love drawing. But the one thing I love most about blogging is reaching out to you guys and sharing all my thoughts and ideas. I’m so grateful for all my readers out there, and I’m particularly grateful to have shared this exciting blogging journey with you! Like I always say, the world is such an interesting place and there are endless sources of inspiration to be found – it’s simply up to us to use that to our advantage. Blogging is one of my greatest sources of inspiration and all you creative dreamers reading this are the one reason it is so.

Unfortunately, as much as I’d love it to be, blogging isn’t the only commitment I’ve made in my life – things are a lot more complicated than that. (Sigh…) Can you guess? Yep, school has struck once again. Being in year eleven at school is quite a handful for me. There’s been such a giant change in the workload compared to last year, and responsibilities are a lot higher. And then you’ve got the other situation, and that’s simply being. a. teenager. Let me tell you this, it’s a lot harder than it sounds (I’m sure a lot of you can relate). There’s just so much going on in your brain and it’s so hard to keep track! Friends, school, home, social life, family, blog…Sometimes I just forget what I’m doing.

Anyway, these following few weeks are my assessment weeks at school, so my to-do lists are generously being filled up daily! Congratulations to me, who’s been putting off the studying until last minute and frantically writing notes the night before….(well done, Miss Caly. Well done). I just wanted to let you guys know that yes, my posting hasn’t been very regular lately, but I’ll soon be back on track within the next few weeks! School has been pretty hardcore so you may see a lack of consistent posts until then. (But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you!)

I promise, I’ve got heaps of DIYs and freebies coming your way, as well as heaps of exciting posts. Just bear with me, yeah? Oh, and I love suggestions! Feel free to drop me an email for any special DIY requests or simply just to say hello. I don’t bite. 

Now for another exciting idea. I’m thinking about hosting a giveaway on my Instagram this May for the one year anniversary of Miss Caly! I know, I know two months is quite a long time away, but I love preparing things in advance. I’d love to hear what you guys would like to see in the giveaway, so  be sure to let me know in the comments or drop me an email. So far I’m thinking washi-tape, cute post-it notes, notebooks…. Eee I’m so excited!

Okay, well that’s all I wanted to say today. Wishing you a bright and happy Monday and an amazing week ahead.


Miss Caly Sign Out

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7 thoughts on “A Quick Little Hello + Giveaway?

  1. I love stationery, and I really like what you have come up with washi tape, notepads and maybe some pens etc 🙂 Will definitely be entering.

    Liked by 1 person

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