7 Days of Lists Challenge: Day 3

Take this fun 7 day challenge to write lists, lists and lists! Day 3 - Miss Caly

Hey there, how are we all today?

I hope you had fun with yesterday’s list-writing.

Prompt #3 in this week’s 7-Days-of-Lists is about something I realised I don’t think about often enough.

I was sitting in the car with my family yesterday and my crazy thought-filled brain had me thinking about something really important: I realised that I’ve never really acknowledged how much my family have influenced me and helped me become who I am today. I think everyday we are surrounded by so many amazing people who impact on us in so many ways, and yet it’s hard to acknowledge them because we know they’re always there.

So there we have it, here’s today’s prompt:

List 3 - people who inspire me

Today I want us to think about those people around us. Who are those people who’ve helped us become who we are today? Who are those people we have to thank for all our interests, our hobbies, motivation and the opportunities we have? Who inspires you?

There are many people who inspire me. In fact, everyone inspires me. I think there are plenty of traits I have that I get from everyone I meet. We all have something to offer to the world, something that makes us unique. In a way, we all inspire each other. Anyway, here are just a few people who have left a prominent mark on who I am:

(Note: Yes, some of these people are fictional :D)

Day 3

Your turn!

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With Love,

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