7 Days of Lists Challenge: Day 4

Take this fun 7 day challenge to write lists, lists and lists! Day 4 - Miss Caly

Aaand we’re up to day 4 for this week’s 7-Days-of-Lists!

For those of you who’ve been keeping up, I hope you’re enjoying this challenge. Thanks for tuning in, it’s been fun so far!

Let’s get right into day 4’s prompt, shall we?

List 4 - things I want to learn more about

What are twenty things you want to know? And I’m not just talking about the boring stuff we have to learn at school, but the real interesting stuff. What are some things you’ve been dying to know or have always wondered about?

because in this world, there’s just. so. much. to. know! Not to mention, at this day and age, it’s become so much easier to find out.

A few things I want to learn more about are:

Day 4

Of course in my list you’ll find lots of art-related stuff and some other random topics I’ve always wondered about. How about you?

Now… after you’ve created this list, I want to give you one extra challenge for today.

I dare you to choose at least one of your dot points and do something to learn it. Interested in astronomy? Watch a documentary. Want to learn how to cook? Look up some recipes. Don’t let these aspirations just be ideas on a piece of paper. A wise man once said, if you want to do something, “just do it!” And don’t say you can’t, because the fact that you’re reading this post right now means you are connected to the internet, meaning you literally have access to endless information.

I’ve decided to learn how to draw cartoons. In fact, I’m watching a tutorial while I write this post…

Your turn!

Check out the other lists in this series here:

With Love,

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