10 Inexpensive Things to Do For Mum This Mother’s Day

Things to Do For Mum This Mother's Day

Ah mothers – the reason we’re alive… It’s funny how a lot of us are around them so much that we start to forget how special they really are.

This weekend in Australia is Mother’s Day – the day we celebrate and show gratitude for the great things our mums have done for us. I mean, it must be hard to raise a kid, put up with their sometimes-annoying phases through growing up and then still love them nevertheless. I can only imagine what it’s like to do that and all the effort and stress it must take. That’s why I think this Sunday is such a special day -a day to show our mums (or ‘moms’) how much we appreciate them.

Ever year for Mother’s Day I usually go for the typical gift and handmade card because I never had the money to do something fancy. Well, this year, I’ve decided to try something different. After all, you don’t need to spend heaps of money to show how much you care. It’s the meaningful moments that count. Today, I’ve come up with a few inexpensive ideas that you can do for mum this Mother’s Day (or any day of the year, in fact). 

1.Cook her breakfast in bed

There’s nothing better than a nice home cooked meal. Actually there is: a nice home cooked meal in bed! All you have to do is wake up a half hour earlier in the morning, whip up some egg, flour, milk and sugar and throw it onto a saucepan to make the yummiest pancakes ever. Or even better, make some waffles because they are the best. Add some whipped cream, some sliced fruit, her favourite spread and cup of nice warm chocolate. Simple.

2. Write her a poem

As a child of the grand generation Z, I’ve grown up surrounded by technology, texting, messaging, watching, reading and typing. But what about writing? Yeah, poems may seem boring and something we only learn at school…but there is a certain beauty in the way they can make you feel. Make mum feel extra special with a beautifully written poem straight from the heart!

3. Sing her a song

Love to sing? Don’t love to sing? Sing her a song! Lay out some cushions, some snacks and a mini stage, then perform a little concert for her. I guarantee she’ll love it!

3. Make her a photo scrapbook

Find all those memories you’ve captured together from childhood to now, and pile them all into one big book. Make it even more meaningful by adding little messages, doodles and quotations.

4. Take her on a picnic

Who doesn’t love food? Pack some biscuits, mini sandwiches, some fruit, baked cupcakes, drinks and a blanket into a basket and head down to your local park for a picnic! If you don’t live near a park, a backyard picnic or even an indoor picnic would be just as fun. Spend the afternoon eating and chatting away…

6. Have a home movie night

Grab her favourite DVDs, some bean bags and lots of snacks (especially popcorn) for a movie night! (Who needs a cinema when you’ve got online-streaming and a laptop/phone/TV?)

7. Look at old photos together

Spend the day rummaging through old photo albums and home videos and remembering those treasured times that have all lead to today.

8. Go for a walk around the neighbourhood

Switch off the phone, turn off the TV and go outside! This would be the perfect time to soak up some sun and get some exercise whilst chit-chatting away. Unless you do this very often, you probably have a lot to catch up on in each other’s lives.

9. Make her some vouchers

Make a little booklet out of scrap paper and on each sheet, write a ‘voucher’. Not a money voucher, but an ‘activity’ voucher with things you’ll do for her whenever she likes throughout the year. Some ideas might include: a free massage, free house clean or free car wash. It’s super easy and fun to make, and is a whole lot more meaningful than a typical spa voucher!

10. Clean the house

Tell her to sit back, relax and watch some TV or do some yoga while you ‘handle everything’. Clean the house, wash the dog, do the washing, help out with those tedious everyday chores… Let mum take a break. She very well deserves it.

That’s all I have for today.

Remember, there doesn’t have to be a certain special day to show someone you love them. If that were the case, the celebrations would be endless. There are so many amazing people who’ve helped us become who we are, whether they’d be family members or friends. If you love someone, let them know. We don’t have enough time in life to spend it without gratitude.

Miss Caly Sign Out

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