Monday Motivation: YOU Control Your Life

Something to live by...

Last week I mentioned an exciting new thing I’m going to start, and that’s Motivation Monday (or Mondayvation because it sounds cooler). Before you ask, yes, I love alliteration. And I love puns. Basically, every Monday I’m aiming to post things I personally find interesting or inspiring. These could include my favourite motivational quotes, people with inspiring stories or my random thoughts here and there.

To begin this week’s Mondayvation, I’d like to just state that I am a person who thinks about a lot of things. A lot of weird things. Especially in the strangest situations.

The other day I was in the back seat of my parents’ car on a short trip to the grocery store when something hit me. Not literally, but it kind of felt like it did. My eyes widened at the thought and my heart began beating a little faster. It made me start looking at the world around me; all the houses passing by, faster than I could keep up. The thought confused me and really affected me a lot more than it should. You want to know what it was? It was the realisation that time. was. passing.

Time is passing. Even as you read this… Isn’t that weird?

I did a bit of research and discovered that the average overall life expectancy for a person in Australia is 83. It varies in other countries, but is still relatively similar in most. Wow. An average person can live for around eighty three years.

Now let’s hypothetically say you’ll live for 83 years. Did you know that is about 30295 days? And every single time that sun goes down then comes back up, that number decreases.

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic with these existential thoughts but the point I’m trying to make is that we can’t live forever. Every second that passes right now is a second you can never get back. But don’t let that scare you. Let it push you and motivate you to make each one count. Don’t waste your time with regret or worrying about things out of your control. These seconds are precious – you life literally depends on them.

In the end, this is your life. These are your 30295 days. Only you can decide how to spend them, nobody else.

That’s just something to think about today and the rest of this week…

How will you spend your life?

Miss Caly Sign Out

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