FUN Free Printable To Do List: Save the Man’s Life!

Free printable to do list helicopter! Miss Caly

Let’s face it: to-do lists aren’t for everybody.

I personally love love love to write lists. I like to write everything that I’m thinking down on paper so it’s not all crammed up inside my head, just waiting to explode. But that’s just me.

Recently I’ve noticed that some people don’t like to write things down like I do. One of my friends even told me that it’s “too much effort” and “really boring” to write repetitive lists over and over…

And then I had a light bulb moment.

Today I stand here loud and clear, declaring to you all that lists. don’t. have. to. be. boring! Still don’t believe me? Download this free printable!

I designed today’s printable to make To-Do lists more fun and interesting. I even made it in two colours: peach and blue. Hopefully this will get you motivated to be productive. Yes, it’s true that writing things down and crossing them off can be quite tedious, so here’s a solution to solve that! Basically, the aim of this list isn’t just to get organised…more importantly, it is to SAVE THE MAN! 

*In an epic bass-boosted story telling voice*: “Once upon a time there was an innocent man who was piloting a helicopter across the peaceful blue sky. He was high above the city and preparing to land when suddenly a strong gust of wind thrust his helicopter upside down and he began to lose control. Suddenly, the side door swung wide open and momentum knocked him out of his seatbelt and straight out the door. Luckily, the man managed to push the ’emergency’ button before he fell out, releasing two ropes in which he held on to for dear life.” 

Now it’s up to YOU to save him!

How to use this To-Do list:

  1. Write down all the tasks you need to do down the right side of the ropes
  2. Every time you complete a task, draw a line across the ropes, as well as the task (see image below). This line becomes a rung which becomes a ladder for the man to climb up.
  3. Remember, the man can only climb back to safety if you complete all your tasks and make rungs for the ladder!

Don’t let the innocent man fall!

fun printable to do list - save the man! - miss caly

{Download the BLUE themed Fun To-Do list here}

{Download the PEACH themed Fun To-Do list here}

I hope you enjoyed today’s printable and that it helps you get motivated to do your tasks!

Here’s a little note I’ll leave you with today: NOTHING has to be boring unless you make it to be. I always try to find the fun in things, even if it makes me seem like a little kid again. 😀

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