EASY DIY Nail-Art Dotting Tool Using a Pen and Bobby Pin

Make a nail dotting tool out of a pen and bobby pin! - Miss Caly

This month, I’m trying something new!

Lately I’ve been getting into body art. I love how you can turn anything into something else by a simple flick of a brush and some paint. I was recently on a Pinterest rampage and was so inspired by the intricacy of eyeshadow art (where artists created beautiful masterpieces using eyelids as canvases) and also nail art, where such fine detail could be painted on ten fingertips. One day I want to be able to do just that. Ah, such goals!

You can probably tell my excitement to share with you today’s DIY.

how to make a nail dotting tool out of a pen and bobby pin! - miss caly

Art can take any form or medium, whether it’s a canvas, photo or even…your nails. It doesn’t need to cost you lots of money and lots of material either. To prove it, this tutorial shows you how you can make a Nail-Art dotting tool for FREE using only a pen, bobby pin and glue.

This is perfect if you’re a newbie at nail art like me and don’t want to spend too much money. Even if you don’t like painting, there’s no harm in trying it out. Do it, do, it, do it!

Watch this video tutorial to see how to make it:

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Materials you’ll need:

  • Pen
  • Bobby Pin
  • Hot glue gun (or any other strong glue)


  1. Unscrew the top of the pen and remove its guts
  2. Use your fingers to unbend out the bobby pin so that it’s straight
  3. Squeeze a little bit of glue into the top of the pen
  4. Poke the bobby pin into the top of the pen
  5. Add a bit of glue to the other end of the bobby pin to keep it secure
  6. Slip the bobby pin into the body of the pen and screw it back in place

That’s it! Have fun nail-painting.

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