#MotivationMonday: 10 Things to Feel Grateful For

10 things to feel grateful for...

Sometimes I feel like I’m not grateful enough for the things I have. I have lots of things – maybe even too much – and it’s hard to acknowledge them when I’m so used to having them around.


There’s no better way to start the week than with a bit of positivity and awareness of our surroundings. Being basic human beings, we go through so much in the day but we often forget about the things/people that have been supporting us the entire time – the reason we’re able to get through the day in the first place. Don’t you think?


Despite the negativity we sometimes endure and problems we face, I think we all have so much to be grateful for. Even a person who physically owns nothing has something so rare and special that makes them rich: a life. Here are ten other things to feel grateful for right now.


1. Your breath.

Notice your constant inhales and your exhales? Well, you’re breathing. Did you forget that? You’re alive. And so, you have the opportunity right now to do whatever you want. It’s such a special thing to have a breath. Life would be very difficult without one.


2. Vision.

The very act of reading this post is something so…amazing. Imagine not being able to see the wonders of everyday life, to recognise your friends, to process colour, to enjoy the beauty of art or the unique culture of a foreign place. Having sight allows you to not just be in the world, but to experience it.


3. Your senses.

We’re told we have five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. These are the very things that allow us to experience the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Have you ever felt grateful for the music you’ve listened to, the beautiful sceneries you’ve seen or the delicious meal you ate? Well none of them would have been possible without your senses.


4. The sun.

It comes up in the morning then goes back down at night. The process happens so repetitively that I sometimes forget it happens at all. The sun is basically the reason we exist right this moment. I don’t know in detail the whole science of it, but I do know that it keeps us warm, healthy and allows us to see. What more could you ask?



5. Freedom.

To me, being free is one of the most precious things I could ask for – to be able to think whatever I like, have the choice to do what I want without obligations or consequences… Freedom is a beautiful feeling.



6. Rain.

Rain = water. As miserable or destructive it can sometimes be, rain is the main reason we have water. It’s a cycle of nature that keeps us alive. And not to mention, it sometimes makes rainbows.


7. Satellite/Internet.

Being a part of this new generation means having lots of technology. I don’t even think I was born in a time when it didn’t exist. I guess that’s a good and a bad thing. Have you ever wondered where your TV shows came from or how you’re able to message a friend in another country within a matter of seconds? Technology has changed the world.


8. Your mistakes. 

Making mistakes are hard. At first. But they’re so important in shaping who you are and who you become. Without mistakes, we’d never learn. I believe there’s a choice: we can either live with regret or we can be grateful for them and let them help us grow. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather the latter.


9. Intelligence.

I’m not talking about being smart or clever. I’m talking about our ability to have thoughts, to have those emotions that make life so exciting. Being human means being able to experience the world personally and subjectively with feelings like love, anger, fear, utter joy, nervousness and euphoria… Cherish those feelings. They’re what make you, you.


10. The people around you.

Your parents, your siblings, your relatives, your friends, teachers, classmates, acquaintances, your doctor and even your bus driver… Remember to be grateful for the people who help you get by, especially the silent helpers who often go unnoticed but leave a large impact.



What are you grateful for?


Miss Caly Sign Out

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