Printable July Calendar 2016 + What It’s Like to Spend Time Offline

Free Printable Hand Lettered July Calendar 2016! - Miss Caly

Hello again!

Yet another month has gone by without me realising… And you know what it’s time for? *drumroll please!* … the new printable July calendar!But before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about this past week.

As you might be aware from my last post, this week I’ve been taking a break from social media (or at least, the main apps that I consider as ‘social media’ – things like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter!) In my last post I talked about how pictures and posts (no matter how beautiful and real they may seem) in the end, are just…pictures. The reason why I wanted to take the break was because I was just curious about what would happen if I stopped impulsively reaching for my phone or worrying about always capturing the perfect moment (both in my personal and blogging life). Last Friday, I deleted the apps from my phone and told myself to stay away from them for the next seven days.

Overall, I really enjoyed my little personal challenge of the week. I must admit, it felt a bit weird at first. I noticed how whenever I unlocked my phone, my finger would subconsciously hover to where the Instagram button would be , and it felt weird to not have it there anymore! But, after the first days, I began to get used to it. I started to use my phone less and as a result was a lot more productive. I had a few school exams to study for, and I managed to get heaps done.

I think the main thing I learnt from the past seven days is that real life really is wonderful. Even though it was only a couple of days, by simply disconnecting from my online life, I realised how much I could do with the physical things I had. For example, I made waffles from some ingredients I found in my pantry, I started writing a Bucket List book, doodling in my sketchbook again (stay tuned for some doodle posts!) and made plans to do so much more.

Now I’m certainly not saying that social media is bad and that if you quit it, your life will be better – in fact, I love how it allows you to share ideas and gain inspiration by reaching out across the globe. But I think spending a little time offline is great for reconnecting with your creative side and finding out the things you love, without the influence of other people.

So, in the coming month, I highly encourage you to take the challenge too (and encourage your friends as well)!

Now without further ado, it’s time for your printable July calendar!

{Download your free printable July calendar here}– Remember, it’s free for personal use only!

{Check out ALL my monthly calendars here} – I update this each month.

With love,

Miss Caly Sign Out

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