DIY ‘Emoji’ Pin Using a Bottle Cap

Hey there!

You know two things I’m loving? #1: Emojis and #2: pins. What’s even better? Emoji pins.

Make a cute emoji pin out of a bottle cap! - Miss Caly

These days, Emojis are so widely known and are used, like, everywhere. I love how they can add emotion to a message, or tell a story, or can be used to annoy people (hehe, just kiddling). I’ve seen lots of their merchandise around, from things like key rings to pillows to even socks and t-shirts. Ahhh, is this an Emoji domination or what?!


Also, I’m so happy for the new trend going around, bringing back the aesthetic of pins! When I was younger I had such a large collection of them. Pins are perfect for adding that extra personal touch to an item, whether it’s a shirt or bag. Currently, my school bag has 3 pins: an egg pin, a Warhol-inspired Campbell’s Soup Can pin and a milk carton pin – all of which I bought online. Today I decided to make an Emoji Pin to add to my collection.

This is quite an easy DIY and the materials are very affordable. Follow these steps to make one too!


(P.s. How cute is my Milk Carton bag?! Yes, I love milk…)

Things you’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • White, red and black/brown acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Safety pin
  • Hot glue gun


1. Trace a circle onto a piece of paper using the top of the bottle cap. Cut it out.


2. Use craft glue to stick the paper circle onto the bottle cap


3. Paint over the paper circle and the entire bottle cap with yellow acrylic paint


4. When the paint is dry, roughly sketch the outlines of the eyes and mouth using pencil.


5. Go over the sketch with paint to create your Emoji face


6. Squeeze a thick layer of hot glue onto the back of the bottle cap. Then, unclasp the pin and place it right on top of the hot glue. Apply a little more glue over the pin to secure it in place.


8. Apply a top coat of craft glue over the entire bottle cap and now you have yourself an emoji pin!


How to make a cute emoji pin out of a bottle cap! - Miss Caly

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What’s your favourite Emoji?

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